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How Engaging with Content Improves Reading Comprehension

Friday, February 3 | Noon–1:00 P.M. ET

Research Spotlight: How Engaging with Content Improves Reading Comprehension

Free Virtual Webinar 

How does sustained, content-rich instruction affect student achievement? Does the literacy intervention Model of Reading Engagement (MORE) offer any insights into how schools could or should approach academic recovery support for students? How do content-rich, thematically oriented interventions in literacy help improve math scores?

Join our upcoming webinar that will focus on recent research by Harvard researchers out of Annenberg at Brown University on the Long-Term Effects of a Sustained Content Literacy Intervention on Third Graders' Reading Comprehension Outcomes.

In this webinar, participants will

  • delve into the research by James S. Kim, Patrick Rich, and Ethan Scherer;
  • learn about the literacy intervention called the Model of Reading Engagement (MORE);
  • understand the findings and practical implications for the classroom; and
  • consider what research questions the field should pursue next in light of the findings from the research.

Panelist: James S. Kim, Professor of Education, Harvard, Graduate School of Education


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