How Do You Reinforce English Language Arts Skills in Science?

Make Cross-Curricular Connections

Reinforcing English Language Arts Skills in Science

Science can support English language arts (ELA) skills like reading and writing, so why is science usually taught in isolation of other subject areas? Come learn how PhD Science combines these two content areas and reinforces ELA skills as we explore environments around Mount Everest and Mangrove tree ecosystems.

Participants will

  • explore how literacy is essential, as reading and writing make up a large part of what scientists and engineers do,
  • understand how student knowledge builds more deeply when rich cross-curricular connections are made,
  • discover how compelling trade texts and articles allow teachers to present relatable content and inspire student learning, and
  • examine how a variety of interdisciplinary connections offer multiple opportunities for students to connect science to ELA, mathematics, history, and more.



This session is the third in our four-part Diving in to a Phenomenal Learning Experience For Elementary Science Students webinar series. Click the links below to view the other sessions in the series.

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Sally Robichaux
Sally Robichaux

Implementation Support Specialist, Science
Great Minds

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