Knowledge Building for Long-Term Success

How High-Quality Curriculum is Transforming Education

Webinar | How High-Quality Curriculum Is Transforming Education


Great Minds sits at the heart of the high-quality curriculum movement and embraces the research that knowledge building should start at the outset of a student’s education. But what does that look like in math, science, and literacy? And what tools do teachers need to ensure students receive instruction that broadens their knowledge base beyond their immediate experiences?

Join us to learn how knowledge-building curricula are critical to student learning, yet largely lacking in the marketplace—and why educators are working to change the status quo. Our expert panel will include Natalie Wexler, author of the new book, “The Knowledge Gap: The Hidden Cause of America’s Broken Education System—and How to Fix It,” and other educators who have seen the importance of knowledge-building materials firsthand. 


During this 60-minute webinar, we’ll discuss the following topics and conclude with a Q&A:

  • How intentional knowledge building impacts equity in the classroom and supports student achievement and teacher practice
  • What knowledge building looks like in math, science, and literacy
  • Tools for empowering teachers to facilitate learning with knowledge-building curriculum



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