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A Q&A with Pam Goodner, Chief Academic Officer for Science, and the PhD Science® Team

Webinar Overview

Curious about how the curriculum integrates equity into its approach? Or how students build knowledge through content area connections? Or perhaps you’re interested in how the curriculum weaves a coherent storyline across lessons, modules, and grade levels? View the recording below to hear from Pam Goodner, the chief academic officer of PhD Science and her team as they answer questions from educators across the country.

Resources Referenced During the Event

  • Distance learning with PhD Science in Sync™
  • PhD Science K–2 open educational resource
  • Improving equity in science education
  • Supporting SEL in a science classroom
  • Addressing unfinished instruction in science education


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Pam Goodner
Pam Goodner

Chief Academic Officer, Science
Great Minds

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