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An Introduction to Fluency in Eureka Math2: Beyond Fast and Accurate

An Introduction to Fluency in Eureka Math²: Beyond Fast and Accurate

Why is math fluency Important? It contributes to students' ability to solve more difficult problems quicker and more accurately, leads to success in students' future mathematics courses, and builds confidence in students' math ability.

What You'll Explore in This Session:

In this webinar, participants will ground themselves in fluency by learning the definition of and the purpose for fluency in supporting students. They will explore the intentionality and coherence of fluency activities within and across grade bands.  

Participants will also 

  • investigate how the structure and variety of Eureka Math2 fluency activities create a foundation upon which conceptual understanding deepens and 
  • discover how the coherence of fluency activities builds and deepens conceptual understanding over time. 



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Lisa Watts Lawton
Lisa Watts Lawton

Lead Curriculum Developer, Mathematics
Great Minds

Amy Bustard
Amy Bustard

Implementation Leader, Mathematics
Great Minds

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