Free Eureka Teacher Resource Pack

Powerful Tools for Instruction

"How do I pace lessons to fit time constraints?"
"What materials do I need for the year?
"Where do I find the standards being covered?
"Why are the modules sequenced this way?

These common questions can be answered using the instructional materials and tools found in the free Eureka Math Teacher Resource Pack. The Resource Pack includes:

  • Pacing & Preparation Guides - Help educators to establish a process for outlining professional sequences and customizing lessons to fit time constraints and student needs.
  • Curriculum Maps - Lay out all the modules for each grade band (PK-5, 6-8, 8-12) in a one-page map, color-coded domain.
  • Curriculum Overviews - Provide rationale for the module sequence of each grade as well as the full text of each standard covered in a given module.
  • Standards Checklists - Outline the standards each module covers.
  • Materials Lists - Grade level lists of the materials and tools needed to implement the curriculum for the year. ACCESS NOW

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