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Instructional Support

Planning and Preparing for Lessons


Learn implementation strategies for preparing PhD Science TEKS Edition lessons and how to properly plan for upcoming modules, concepts, and lesson sets.

End-of-the-Year Planning Where to Begin


Reflect on your most recent school year using PhD Science TEKS Edition and how to use your experiences to plan for and improve next year’s implementation.

How to Boost Scientific Discourse in Your Classroom in 4 Easy Steps


Learn why scientific discourse is vital to knowledge building and introduce an easy-to-implement 4-step Discourse Process. Using a PhD Science TEKS Edition Module as an example, join us to dig into Laying the Foundation, Planning, Implementing, and Reflecting.

Materials: Friend, Not Foe!


Discover how PhD Science TEKS Edition materials kits and teacher resources support organizing, preparing, using, and storing hands-on investigation materials.

Learning Design

Using Anchor Charts and Models to Drive Student Learning


Dive into these two PhD Science TEKS Edition anchor visuals to you learn each of their components and how to develop them through facilitating collaborative student discourse during instruction.

Investigations: How Do They Help Build Knowledge


Experience how PhD Science TEKS Edition uses hands-on investigations at each grade level to foster a student-driven classroom and help students build scientific knowledge to explain a module’s anchor phenomenon.

Engineering: What Are the Unforeseen Benefits


Learn the differences between science and engineering and experience how PhD Science TEKS Edition uses engineering activities to build student knowledge and create a strong classroom community.

Authentic Assessments: How Do They Help Identify Scientific Knowledge and Skills Students Have Gained


Assessing student progress is key for student development and teacher planning. PhD Science®TEKS Edition uses the TEKS and phenomena-based tasks to assess students.

What is the Driving Question Board and How Does it Impact Learning in a Student-Driven Classroom?


Explore the driving question board as a tool to organize student questions, increase student engagement, highlight connections between concepts, and call attention to the enduring knowledge pursued by students.

Supporting All Students

Accessible Terminology: How Do You Make Science Terms Stick?


Learn how terminology helps build a student’s conceptual understanding of science and the instructional methods and learning routines inherent in PhD Science TEKS Edition that provide students with multi-modal entry points to these new science terms.

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