Wit & Wisdom Grade 8 Digital Teacher Edition (School Yr)


Students will build knowledge of topics such as poetry and storytelling, the concept of love, World War I, and teens as change agents. Teacher Editions includes a selection of instructional materials and tools for each grade per module, including: 

  • Daily Lesson Plans: thirty 90-minute lessons devoted to Core and Deep Dive Language instruction. 
  • Core and Supplementary Materials: carefully curated literary, informational, and visual art texts that students use to build knowledge. 
  • Formative Assessments: daily assessments that help gauge the level of student understanding and provides the formative data that informs the next steps in differentiation and instruction. 
  • Explicit Writing Instruction: a coherent sequence of writing standards that help integrate the various aspects of writing instruction that students learn and eventually master.

All licenses expire June 30, 2023.

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