Professional Development

From the creators of PhD Science TEKS Edition

Professional Development Sessions

Created by the team of teacher–writers behind PhD Science TEKS Edition, our in-person and virtual professional development (PD) sessions include options for teachers and leaders. These sessions ensure strong initial implementation as well as sustained success.


Come together with educators from your school or district for an in-person or virtual PD session. Great Minds facilitators will work with up to 50 participants for in-person sessions and up to 35 participants for virtual sessions.

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Don't simply lecture about science. Lead students in driving their own exploration of science. Great Minds® is the exclusive provider of professional development written and delivered by the creators of PhD Science TEKS Edition and our team of teacher-writers have designed a two-step plan below that integrates both Professional Development (PD) and Personalized Coaching (PC) so all teachers can feel confident with the curriculum.

To map out a tailored professional learning plan that meets your teacher's needs, contact your Account Solutions Manager to map your pathway. 


PD to support new implementers and seasoned users of PhD Science TEKS Edition.

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Foundational Professional Development

Foundational PD sessions build and deepen new educators' understanding of the curricular design and pedagogy of PhD Science TEKS Edition. Sessions help both teachers and science leaders learn how to implement PhD Science TEKS Edition with confidence.

Launch PhD Science TEKS Edition

This session focuses on the curriculum's learning design, approach to knowledge building, and lesson structure. These sessions detail how each module incorporates hands-on investigations, trade books, and fine art in an age-appropriate manner. Prepare to transition to a student-driven classroom with a focus on building lasting knowledge before implementing lessons in the classroom.

Module Level Study Levels K–5

This session takes participants through the process to deepen understanding of a module, the science highlighted, and the knowledge and investigations progressions.

Planning and Preparing for PhD Science TEKS Edition Implementation Levels K–5

Dive into PhD Science TEKS Edition resources and learn how to use practical planning tools and strategies to build your content knowledge while preparing for curriculum implementation.

Lead Implementation for Administrators

This session builds leaders’ understanding of the what and why of PhD Science TEKS Edition; guides leaders to plan and prepare for successful implementation.


Sustaining Professional Development

Seasoned practitioners who have completed the foundational courses can deepen their understanding of the curriculum and strengthen their implementation through this advanced coursework.

Guided Observations for Leaders Levels K–5

In this session, selected leaders participate in classroom observations with the PhD Science TEKS Edition team to identify trends of implementation to celebrate successes and identify areas for improvement. Participating in this session improves instructional leaders' ability to support effective classroom practice.


Deliver a Lesson Collaboratively Levels K–5

With a guidance of implementation support specialists, practice planning, preparing, and delivering a lesson to improve student outcomes and establish best practices for instruction.


Planning and Preparing by Using Checks for Understanding Levels K–5

See how the formative Checks for Understanding assessment tool can help you monitor learning as well as guide instructional decisions and pacing.


Observation Protocols for Leaders K–5

Leaders will learn to use an observation protocol to quickly collect data for trends in implementation across PhD Science TEKS Edition classrooms. Participants will also identify best practices for supporting teachers in facilitating science instruction in a student-driven classroom.




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