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The Geodes® library creates a multidimensional learning experience that unites phonics with rich content, research-based facts, and enchanting illustrations and photographs to help students build knowledge of the world around them. As your students dive into Geodes, they will be transported to a different place and time, see things from the perspective of their new favorite characters, and experience worlds both familiar and new. Founded on the science of reading, Geodes can be paired with any foundational phonics program to provide students with an enriching reading experience that reinforces their phonics, decoding, and vocabulary skills.  

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Geodes are comprised of three grade levels: Level K, Level 1, and Level 2. Each level contains four modules that cover a curated selection of topics to spark interest and engagement. Geodes contain an array of literary, literary nonfiction, and informational texts that have been carefully researched and fact-checked.

Flip through the pages of Library Cat from Level 1, Module 1: A World of Books to discover the unique components found in every Geodes book and submit the form to access more books from the Geodes library.

Book cover of Inside Geodes level 1. Text reads 'Inside Geodes level 1' and below 'Teaching and Learning to Support Readables from Great Minds.'

You Can Also Explore the Book Notes for Library Cat

Inside Geodes® is a teacher resource that provides comprehensive information about each module as well as guidance on how to flexibly incorporate Geodes into your instruction. Each title has an accompanying Book Note that contains the Fundations® alignment summary of the book, recurring content words and vocabulary words that teachers may choose to explicitly teach, discussion questions, and more.  

See the features of this essential resource with a free sample Book Note for Library Cat.

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