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Inspiring students to wonder about the world, and empowering them to make sense of it.

PhD Science® is an authentic phenomenon-based K–5 curriculum that provides students with a science education as limitless as science itself. The curriculum’s hands-on approach sparks students’ natural curiosity about the real world and its wonders, as they build a deep, lasting knowledge of science concepts that they revisit throughout elementary school.

Science is a dynamic and intriguing field of study. Here's a curriculum that proves it.


What Makes PhD Science Unique?

Grand Canyon

Authentic Phenomena

Students explore rich, authentic phenomena and events—not fabricated versions—so they build concrete knowledge and solve real-world problems.

Students exploring wind erosion with shaving cream.


Students see themselves as scientists and engineers by asking questions, analyzing and synthesizing information, and applying knowledge to new contexts.

Classroom anchor model of canyon formation.

Coherent Storyline

The coherent design across lessons, modules, and grade levels helps students build a deep understanding of science and set a firm foundation they’ll build on for years to come.


Hands-On Investigations

Don't just memorize science—experience it.
Rather than simply memorizing—and quickly forgetting—definitions, PhD Science students acquire deep and lasting comprehension of scientific concepts through hands-on activities and evidence-based learning.
PhD Science utilizes an Activity Before Concept > Concept Before Terminology (ABC>CBT) approach to give students a point of reference when applying scientific terminology to a concept.

Cross-Curricular Connections


Fine Art

Every PhD Science module incorporates art. Art and science both begin with a sense of wonder that invites students to observe, question, and make sense of the world around them. Artists often highlight specific aspects of a phenomenon, sparking students’ curiosity about it.


Core Trade Texts

Through award-winning trade texts, students learn more about phenomena and reinforce their reading skills. Including authentic texts in lessons is an important way to highlight coherence and build knowledge while allowing students to experience meaningful connections across content areas.

PhD Science K–2 is Now Available as a Free OER

Too often, science instruction in the earliest grades consists of disparate activities rather than the comprehensive, coherent instruction needed to build a strong foundation for science literacy. That’s why we’re offering Levels K–2 of PhD Science as a free PDF open educational resource (OER). It's the richest and most robust OER K-2 science curriculum available today across the country.


A Complete K–5 Solution

Science educators deserve high quality instructional materials that can adapt to wherever learning takes place.

PhD Science is carefully crafted to give you everything you need to teach science properly so students can build unshakable knowledge of the physical world. Every component of PhD Science serves a specific purpose that aligns with the coherence of the curriculum.

PhD Science components

Rigorous learning no longer has to be confined to physical classrooms. Our teacher–writers created PhD Science in Sync™ so students can build science knowledge anytime, anywhere. With the same phenomenon-centered approach of our original curriculum, PhD Science in Sync makes learning unstoppable.


Three Dimensional Teaching and Learning

PhD Science is rooted in the Next Generation Science Standards and the principles outlined in A Framework for K–12 Science Education.  It wasn't retrofitted after the standards were released; it was specifically written based on the standards so students can uncover Disciplinary Core Ideas by engaging in Science and Engineering Practices through the lens of Crosscutting Concepts to make sense of phenomena. 


Watch our Resource Overview Session

Whether you’re just getting started with PhD Science or want to learn more, our Resource Overview Sessions provide a background on the curriculum's approach and the program's components.


We're Your Trusted Colleague

Created by our team of teacher–writers and subject experts, PhD Science doesn't just stop at curriculum development—it's a complete program that includes supports and resources for teachers. We're here for you every step of the way.


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“It’s the leadership my children are showing. My quiet and under-the-radar kids are soaring with PhD Science.
That’s what I love. I’m seeing that growth and that spark in their confidence.”

- Lora M., Buchanan, TN