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Check out the recording of 'Acing the Test: Strategies for Supporting Student Achievement,' Wit & Wisdom's debut webinar, hosted by Education Week.

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Teachers and administrators want to know, “How can I prepare my students for success on high-stakes tests?” The next generation of tests are demanding: they’re aligned to more rigorous standards and incorporate new item types. In this webinar, we examined instructional strategies for using rich, text-based learning as a path toward knowledge-building and assessment achievement. Learn how book-based lessons using grade-level texts motivate readers, build knowledge, and can move closer toward closing achievement gaps.

David Liben

David Liben is the Senior Content Specialist at Student Achievement Partners, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting students and teachers reach higher levels of academic achievement. David has been an educator for more than 20 years and has taught elementary, middle school and high school students in public and private schools. David founded two innovative model schools in New York City including New York Prep in East Harlem, and the Family Academy - where he served as Principal and lead curriculum designer.

Rachel Stack

Rachel Stack is the Director of Humanities at Great Minds, where she leads the team of excellent teacher-writers who created the English Language Arts curriculum Wit & Wisdom. Rachel began her career teaching 3rd and 8th grade in New York City, then taught World and American Literature at a high school in Pittsburgh. She shares Great Minds’ belief that every child is capable of greatness.