Math With Dignity

Access For Students With Gaps in Knowledge

Webinar | Grade-Level Access for Students with Gaps in Content Knowledge


How do you create instruction for elementary and middle school students who have significant gaps in math content knowledge? This free webinar provides educators with a process that allows students to learn the necessary foundational skills while still having the dignified experience of successfully engaging with the same math as their peers, building a bridge from students' last points of success to current grade-level content.



During this 60-minute webinar, the following questions will be answered:

  • How can teachers plan weekly instruction to provide all students access to grade-level content?
  • How can teachers maximize the learning progressions to connect students' prior knowledge with grade-level content?
  • How can teachers adapt lesson materials to appropriately scaffold instruction and reduce unproductive struggles for students?



If you have additional questions or are interested in learning more about Eureka Math or the professional development offerings by Great Mindscontact us.


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