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Response to Intervention Part II

Tiers 2 and 3: Interventions Using Curriculum-Aligned Resources

Thursday, September 28 | 7:00–8:00 p.m. ET

Eureka Math² Response to Intervention Tiers 2 and 3: Interventions Using Curriculum-Aligned Resources

With Eureka Math2® and Eureka Math2 Equip™, you have the tools you need to provide effective Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 instruction to your students. In Part II of this webinar series, we explore how our mathematics program may be used to engage your math learners in meaningful, just-in-time instruction within a Response to Intervention (RTI) framework. 


What You'll Explore in Part II:

Part II of the series reviews a best practice process for using off-level, coherent content to support Tier 2 and Tier 3 instruction. We supply a specific example. These questions will be addressed: 

  • How can I determine my students' strengths and needs? 
  • How can I plan for and support students who are far below grade level?
  • How can I leverage the Eureka Math² and Eureka Math² Equip resources to supply additional instruction as a Tier 2 or 3 intervention? 

Resources Discussed in the Session



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Christine Hopkinson
Christine Hopkinson

Senior Curriculum Developer, Mathematics
Great Minds

Mary Christensen-Cooper
Mary Christensen-Cooper

Senior Curriculum Developer, Multilingual Learners - Mathematics
Great Minds

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