Universal Design for Learning and Supports for Multilingual Learners in Eureka Math2

In 2013, Eureka Math®, previously known as EngageNY Math, transformed math instruction nationwide. Now we’re raising it to the second power with Eureka Math².

In this 1-hour webinar, learn more about what makes Eureka Math² exponentially more accessible for students and teachers alike. 

What You'll Explore in this Webinar:

Just like no two fingerprints and no two brains are alike, learner variability in our classrooms is the norm.  This session highlights how the Eureka Math² instructional design aligns with the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) guidelines to support learner variability. Educators will learn how embedded lesson features and strategically placed UDL and Language Support notes can minimize barriers to learning.



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Mary Christensen-Cooper
Mary Christensen-Cooper

Senior Curriculum Developer, Multilingual Learners - Mathematics
Great Minds

Paula Sokolik
Paula Sokolik

Implementation Leader, Eureka Math

Maureen Jones
Maureen Jones

Senior Curriculum Developer, Universal Design for Learning

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