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Wit & Wisdom Kindergarten Digital Teacher Edition


All licenses expire on June 30, 2018

Kindergarten students will build knowledge of history, science, and literature by exploring the following topics: The Five Senses, Once Upon a Farm, America Then and Now, and The Continents

Grade K Teacher Editions include a selection of instructional materials and tools for each module, including: 

Daily Lesson Plans- Thirty to thirty-five 90-minute lessons devoted to Core and Deep Dive Language instruction. 

Core and Supplementary Materials- Carefully selected literary, informational, and visual art texts that students use to build knowledge. 

Formative Assessments- Daily assessments that help gauge the level of student understanding and provides formative data that informs the next steps in differentiation and instruction. 

Explicit Writing Instruction- A coherent sequence of writing standards that help integrate the various aspects of writing instruction that students learn and eventually master.

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