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Teach with PhD Science TEKS Edition

In 2020, the Texas Education Agency partnered with Great Minds® to develop high-quality materials for Grades K—5 as an open educational resource.

PhD Science® TEKS Edition and PhD Science in Sync TEKS Edition are fully aligned to TEKS standards and are free to Texas educators as a part of this initiative. Answering the call for a new science curriculum to support the needed pedagogical changes, our teacher–writers and experts created a phenomenon-based program in which teachers facilitate the learning, but students own it.


PhD Science TEKS Edition helps you to see the big picture. You learn to understand how each component works together to allow students to experience science and grow in their understanding by teachers meeting them where they are at.”
— Instructional Coach, Kemp ISD



Through hands-on investigations and evidence-based learning, students develop a deep, lasting understanding of science concepts that they can apply far beyond the anchor phenomenon of each module.


Supported by differentiation strategies the curriculum provides, students engage with rigorous content through hands-on investigations, collaborative conversations, and analysis of authentic texts and media


Each lesson builds on the lesson before it, so students develop their understanding of science concepts in the context of the phenomenon.


Digital Platform Overview


With the same phenomenon-centered approach of our original curriculum, PhD Science in Sync makes learning unstoppable.

PhD Science in Sync TEKS Edition offers the following features:

  • Direct daily instruction videos
  • Fillable PDFs with interactive annotation tools for students to submit work
  • Planning and preparation resources for teachers

Hands-on Investigation


Every module includes hands-on investigations and a Science or Engineering Challenge to give students an opportunity to collaborate with peers, practice problem solving, and build and connect content knowledge. Designed for six investigation groups per classroom, sets of cost-conscious consumable and nonconsumable supplies are available by module or level. To learn more about the materials that support this experience view our video above. 

Scope & Sequence

Great Minds teacher–writers will add even more TEKS aligned content to PhD Science® TEKS Edition throughout the 2021–2022 school year. Additional content to expect:

  • Three modules per grade level
  • Spotlight Lessons
  • Capstone Projects
To learn more download the new PhD Scope and Sequence or the What's New support materials.


PhD Science® TEKS Edition assessments help teachers affirm students understanding and assess students' ability to apply the conceptual knowledge and skills they've acquired to decipher new phenomena.

Formative Assessments:

  • Check for Understanding
  • Conceptual Checkpoints
Summative Assessments:
  • Engineering or Science Challenges
  • End-of-Module Assessments

At Home Support

The curriculum includes a series of free Family Tip Sheets for every topic that offer suggested strategies and models, key vocabulary, and tips to help families support learning at home. Available in English and Spanish for Grades K–5.


Learn with PhD Science TEKS Edition

As an open educational resource PhD Science TEKS Edition is a K-5 curriculum that is designed to promote deep, evidence-based learning that helps students build enduring knowledge and understanding.  In classrooms across the country, science education is undergoing an instructional shift away from rote memorization and toward phenomenon-based curriculum in which students think and act like real scientists. This dramatic change requires a new approach to science teaching where teachers facilitate the lesson, but students own it as they explore phenomena to understand how the world works.



Scientific Investigation and Reasoning

With PhD Science TEKS Edition, students build their understanding of science concepts by engaging in the TEKS Scientific Investigation and Reasoning standards as they explore authentic phenomena. Students move from just reading about science to doing science.


PhD Science - Phenomena

Hands-On Investigation

Carefully crafted hands-on activities allows students to practice collaboration and problem solving as they build enduring knowledge.

PhD Science - Art

Fine Art

Students engage with art in every module, allowing them to make observations, ask questions, and interact with scientific phenomena in a new, accessible context.

PhD Science - Core Texts

Core Texts

Each module integrates authentic, content-rich trade texts that support or explain the science while giving students an opportunity to practice and strengthen literacy skills.

Student Materials

With PhD Science TEKS Edition, students build their understanding of science concepts by engaging in the TEKS Scientific Investigation and Reasoning standards as they explore authentic phenomena. Students move from just reading about science to doing science.

PhD Science Student Logbook

Science Logbook

A consumable resource students use to document their learning and record evidence and Conceptual Checkpoint responses.

PhD Science Knowledge Deck

Knowledge Deck

Available for grades K-2. Carefully crafted informational text combined with visually arresting images on consumable cards for the students and non-consumable posters for the classroom.

Daily Videos

Intentional segments of Phd Science TEKS Edition lessons taught by experienced science teachers, intended to support teacher instruction rather than replace it.


English: Grade 2, Matter: In what ways are solids and liquids different?


Español: Grado 2, La Materia: En qué se diferencian los sólidos y los líquidos?



Scope & Sequence

PhD Science TEKS Edition Blog

Implementation support blog posts and videos.


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“Science education should start early, and it should be comprehensive. Texas recognizes that students need coherent instruction that builds knowledge from lesson to lesson to develop deep scientific understanding. PhD Science TEKS Edition will deliver what the state is seeking to help students act as scientists to observe, model, investigate, and understand the world around them.”

—Pam Goodner, Chief Academic Officer, Science

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