Professional Development Sequence

The Eureka Math team has crafted a sequence of PD for teachers, teacher-leaders, coaches, curriculum specialists, and administrators that provides a multi-year path curated to support and sustain successful implementation of the curriculum. This series of Foundational, Sustaining, and Supplementary sessions promote deeper understanding of the curriculum among educators. 


Foundational sessions are designed for instructional leaders and administrators in the early years of implementation. They are designed to ensure that educators are adequately prepared to implement the curriculum and customize it to meet the needs of their students. 


In order to sustain a successful implementation, our on-site coaching provides educators with an opportunity to collaborate with a Eureka Math trainer, building local capacity and deepening understanding of the curriculum. Choose from a selected set of topics, including guided observations and sample lessons. 

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Our supplementary sessions are designed to enhance educator knowledge and instructional practices surrounding specific Eureka Math content areas. These sessions are available in a variety of virtual formats provides flexibility for your professional development planning. 

The Sessions

Each Eureka Math PD session is designed to equip educators with the tools and materials necessary to re-deliver each session to their school or district.

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