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November 30–December 2, 2022
Baltimore, MD

Visit the Great Minds Team at Booth 511

Stop by the Great Minds® booth during the 2022 NCTM Regional Conference & Exposition to

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  • preview our curriculum materials, 
  • attend one of many free sessions in the booth, and 
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Workshop Schedule

The Great Minds team host a variety of sessions during the 2022 NCTM Regional Conference & Exposition focusing on building math knowledge, facilitating student engagement and mathematical discourse, and more. Click here to download the full schedule of Great Minds presentations and sessions. 


■ Thursday, December 1 | 1:00–2:00 PM

Session Title: In Their Own Words: Getting the Most out of the Lesson Objective (K–2) 
: Melanie Gutierrez, Curriculum Development Manager
Room: 309

Description: "Today we are going to learn about…" isn't that how most lessons begin? Let's shift the paradigm to refrain from announcing the objective, and instead close with a "Math Meeting" where students debrief the lesson experience. The result is reflective students arriving at an authentic understanding of concepts expressed in their own words. 

Thursday, December 1 | 2:45–4:00 PM

Session Title: Try It Before You Buy It: Developing Math Vocabulary through Exploration (6–8) 
: Valerie Weage, Curriculum Developer, Team Lead & Erika Silva , Senior Curriculum Developer 
Room: 343-344

Description: How do you define peloozoid? Explore vocabulary acquisition by putting yourself in the role of a learner again. Experiment using common tools with a team to learn how to help students understand the term proportional relationship. Using what you learned, you will be empowered to nurture students' understanding of new terminology more effectively. 

■ Thursday, December 1 | 4:00–5:00 PM

Session Title: Students as Mathematicians: Making Use of SMP7 and SMP8 (K–2) 
: John Reynolds, Senior Program Manager
Room: 318-321

Description: Fostering an environment in which students see themselves as mathematicians is essential for implementing equitable mathematics instruction. Teachers can help by providing opportunities for students to engage with the Standards for Mathematical Practice (MPs). We will discuss how to effectively promote the MPs in class, focusing on MP7 and MP8. 

■ Friday, December 2 | 2:45–4:00 PM

Session Title: Equity and Access through Counting Collections (K–2) 
: Janelle Duckett, Implementation Lead
Room: 327

Description: Young mathematicians are motivated by the challenge of organizing, counting, and representing collections. This session introduces counting collection trajectories, formative assessment tools that allow elementary teachers to understand and advance student thinking in grades PK–2.

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Eureka Math²™ is a revolutionary program designed to advance equity in the classroom by helping students build enduring math knowledge. In Eureka Math² you’ll still find the consistent math models, rigor to support the productive struggle, and coherence across grades that you love from Eureka Math®. Now you’ll also find digital interactives, increased opportunities for student discourse, and a new level of flexibility to make math instruction exponentially more teachable and engaging. Learn more about Eureka Math2. 

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