Teacher Support

The Eureka Math team is committed to supporting educators throughout implementation. We've compiled resources designed to help you prepare and implement the curriculum, pursue professional development, and provide parents with the tools they need to assist their children at home. 

Teacher Resource Pack

Our Eureka Teacher Resource Pack is a selection of free instructional materials and tools, including: 

  • Pacing and Preparation Guides - Help educators to establish a process for outlining instructional sequences and customizing lessons to fit time constraints and student needs. 
  • Curriculum Maps - A one-page map for each grade band (PK-5, 6-8, 9-12) that lays out all of the modules, color-coded by domain.
  • Curriculum Overviews - Detailed rationale for the module sequence of each grade as well as the full text of each standard covered in a given module.
  • Standards Checklists - These checklists show, at-a-glance, the standards each module teaches and assesses.
  • Materials Lists - Grade level lists of the materials and tools needed to implement the curriculum for the year. 

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Online Community

One of the key components of successful Eureka Math implementation is collaboration. Teachers are invited to join our online communities on social media to connect with other educators, exchange resources, discuss best practices, and interact with our curriculum writers.

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Parent Support

We recognize that having parents on board to support implementation is crucial. We have assembled a comprehensive suite of resources and tools to help parents.

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Professional Development

The Eureka Math team is committed to supporting you throughout implementation. Our professional development sessions are designed to equip educators with the tools they need to support both new and continuing use of Eureka Math

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