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Introducing Eureka Math® 

The updated and revised version of Engageny Math

In 2012, Great Minds® was awarded the contract to develop a math curriculum for New York State to meet the new requirements for rigor, focus, and coherence established by the new educational standards.

To further support our nation's teachers and provide them with high-quality instructional materials, Great Minds updated and revised Engageny Math to create Eureka Math, now the most widely used math curriculum in the country.


Teachers weren't loving the curriculum we were using, and some were trying Engageny Math. So we started a Eureka Math pilot with some of our schools and supported them with materials and professional development. We got a lot of positive feedback, and when the PARCC scores for that year came out, we saw gains among students in our pilot schools."

- Kaiulani Ivory Akpan, Director of Elementary Mathematics for DC Public Schools


    A New, Complete Solution

    Eureka Math features the same curriculum structure and sequence as EngageNY Math—but with a suite of resources to support teachers, students, and families.



    Print Materials - Teacher Edition

    Bound books containing lesson plans, all materials from the Student Edition workbook, and answers to each problem and assessment item

    Print Materials - Student Edition

    Module materials, Application Problems, Sprints, and more (available in both our original Student Edition and our Learn, Practice, and Succeed books)

    Teacher Resource Pack 

    A variety of tools for instruction, including pacing and preparation guides and materials lists

    Family Math Night Materials

    A set of resources to help families support their child at home

    Digital Suite

    Two online resources: the Navigator, an interactive digital version of the full PK–12 curriculum, and the Teach Eureka video series of on=demand PD

    Parent Tip Sheets

    Suggested strategies and models, key vocabulary, and tips for how families can help their child at home (K–8, English and Spanish)

    Eureka Math Equip

    Digital premodule assessments designed to help teachers identify and address knowledge gaps so students can fully engage with the upcoming schedule

    Homework Helpers

    Grade-level books that provide step-by-step explanations for working problems similar to those in Eureka Math homework assignments (K–12)


    Digital mid- and post module assessments to help teachers gauge students' success with the current module

    Card Games

    A fun and engaging way to help build math fluency (all skill levels, K–12)

    Resource Overview Webinars

    Free webinars on Eureka Math resources like the Digital Suite and Teacher Resource Pack


    Tools chosen by Eureka Math writers to develop student understanding and maximize coherence between grades

    Virtual Professional Development

    Live, facilitator-led sessions to help teachers learn how to implement Eureka Math with confidence




    Continuous Learning Resources

    Eureka Math also features several resources designed for hybrid and virtual learning environments.

    Eureka Math in Sync™ 

    Available for Grades PK–12, Eureka Math in Sync allows students and teachers to access the Eureka Math materials anywhere, anytime. It includes short, digestible videos for each lesson and downloadable fillable PDFs that allow students to show their work and communicate with teachers via annotations and comments. With Eureka Math in Sync, students continue building knowledge of crucial mathematical concepts in any learning environment.

    Eureka Math Equip™

    Available for Grades 1–12, Eureka Math Equip features premodule assessments that identify a student's last point of success with the materials, assessment reporting that provides data for individual students as well as the whole class, consolidated lessons to help students overcome knowledge gaps, and pacing guidance to ensure students stay on track while catching up.


    Affirm, Eureka Math's mid- and postmodule digital assessment tool, helps educators track student progress and identify areas of need. Students can be in the classroom one day and take their assessment from home the next, with no break in learning.


    Eureka Math versus Engageny

    Eureka Math comes with an assortment of resources designed to support teachers, students, and families.

    Engage NY vs Eureka-FINAL


    Ready to make the switch?