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Utilizing Eureka Math for Successful Knowledge Building

Great Minds embraces the research that knowledge building should start at the outset of a student’s education. But what does that look like in math?

When we created Eureka Math—originally EngageNY Math—we did so with the intention of creating a truly new curriculum. One that was intelligently designed to teach math as a coherent body of knowledge that follows the proper learning progressions required for true math fluency, and not just a set of skills. A curriculum that would instill deep, conceptual understanding that students could build on as high as they wanted to while also allowing them to find the joy in the subject. We submitted those plans to the New York State Education Department and won the contract to create every grade of what is now known as Eureka Math®.

Our goal is to help all students become fluent in mathematics. Fluency goes beyond just knowing how a particular process can be used to solve a problem. It also requires understanding why that process works. With Eureka Math®, students learn to think, strategize and solve problems… not just get answers.

Eureka Math accomplishes even more. Its intentional knowledge building increases equity in the classroom and supports student achievement and teacher practice. How does this work? And what tools can teachers use to facilitate learning with this type of curriculum?

View the free webinar, "Knowledge Building for Long-Term Success: How High-Quality Curriculum Is Transforming Education," to hear from experts on the concept of knowledge building and what resources are available for educators. 


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