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Why Parents will Want Eureka Math

5 resources to help educators give parents Eureka Moments

We recognize the importance of supporting parents during Eureka Math implementation. After all, most parents didn’t learn math the way their children are learning it today, so it’s no wonder they have questions and even concerns.

Here are some resources that will help parents be prepared and confident assisting their children with homework and engaging in other math activities. Families around the country are finding them useful and enjoyable!


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Make sure to take pictures and video of your Math Night and share them with us!

Host a Math Night at the beginning of each school year or once a semester to keep families engaged and to get them familiar with what their children are learning. During these events parents learn:

  1. About the Eureka Math curriculum and what makes it different 
  2. What to expect in the year ahead 
  3. What resources are available to help them help their child at homework time

For the best results, we see teachers let children lead the session, something parents really enjoy.


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These free topic-level sheets designed for parents of students in Kindergarten through Grade 8, include:

  1. Suggested strategies and models for Problem Solving 
  2. Key vocabulary words that are very often new to parents
  3. Connections to previous topics covered, and
  4. Tips on how to support learning at home. 

Parent Tip Sheets are available in English and Spanish

Every Parent Tip Sheet provides ways parents can help at home.

3) Homework Helpers

GRADES: K-12 | $14.95 
Access a free sample before buying

Available for grades K-12, Homework Helpers are grade-level books/eBooks that provide step-by-step explanations for how to solve problems similar to those found in their child’s homework assignments. 

Every homework assignment in the curriculum has a corresponding Homework Helper.

An example of a homework problem explanation

4) Grade Roadmaps

Access Resource in English or Spanish

The Grade Roadmaps created by Great City Schools give parents an overview of the concepts, skills, and strategies their child will learn in the coming school year. Roadmaps are broken down by grade and aligned to college- and career-readiness standards adopted by most states.

See how topics progress between grades

5) Parent Newsletter

Our Eureka Parent Newsletter delivers homework help and support resources right to parent inboxes. Parents can check out past newsletters and sign up at

More resources are available on the Parents page of the Great Minds website.