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Even after the independent nonprofit revised its review criteria and re-reviewed 17 different low-scoring K-8 math curricula, Eureka Math remains the only curriculum that received “green lights” for all grades.

“In all, just one curriculum series stood out from the pack. Eureka Math, published by Great Minds, a small Washington, D.C. based nonprofit organization, was found to be aligned to the Common Core State Standards at all grade levels reviewed,” wrote Education Week at the time of the initial review in March 2015.

And now, after a second round of reviews, which Eureka Math was not part of, none of the other curricula still even came close. Our great results are a testament to the hard work and expertise of the teacher-writers and math experts who wrote Eureka Math. I hope that leads to more people knowing about Eureka and to more children getting access to this rich curriculum, which is available for free for anyone.

The new college- and career-ready standards adopted by most states were designed to improve instruction in America, but new standards demand new and better educational resources. Teachers have been saying this for some time.

I’m so glad we now have an independent watchdog like EdReports bringing attention and transparency to the issue. Policymakers also are paying attention. The Center for American Progress recently released a report showing that when districts and states put in place smart processes to select high-quality curricula, students achieve at higher levels.

In both reviews, the one in March and the latest re-examination, analyzed each of the K-8 math materials and rated their effectiveness in providing focus and coherence, rigor, and balance. The reviewers also looked at whether the curricula provided teachers with highly usable content.

The analysis showed conclusively that Eureka Math was the clear leader in each of these categories. This was a remarkable showing for Eureka Math, but it wasn’t a surprise to us. Our team of classroom teachers and mathematicians worked carefully and collaboratively to create Eureka Math, initially for EngageNY in New York state and now in all 50 states.

Our goal is to help all students become fluent in mathematics. Fluency goes beyond just knowing what process to use to solve a problem. It also requires understanding why that process works.

We continue to feel confident that Eureka Math helps put great math at the center of our classrooms. We believe we will continue to see evidence of that success through additional independent reviews and rising student achievement. It’s time. U.S. students currently rank near the bottom of the pack when compared to their international peers in math, but they don’t have to be stuck there. We know how to help them improve.

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