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Content Leader Program

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About the Content Leader Program

Great Minds® provides Content Leader training in partnership with the Louisiana Department of Education (LDOE) to meet the need for professional development and support resources in schools across Louisiana.

Our team is here to help improve education in Louisiana by supporting educators with high-quality curricular materials and implementation products and services.

Content Leaders are educators with the expertise and resources to provide high-quality curriculum-specific professional learning. Trained Content Leaders deliver professional learning experiences to other teachers in their district to support the effective implementation of Great Minds curricula. The Content Leader program is an ongoing opportunity for extensive professional growth.

With Eureka Math®, Wit & Wisdom®, and PhD Science® now offering BESE-approved Content Leader training in Louisiana, Great Minds is the only Tier 1 curriculum provider to offer all three Content Leader programs.


Great Minds - Content Leader

Benefits of the Content Leader Program

Content Leader training is a cost-effective, powerful resource for any school or district. By investing in and developing Content Leaders, districts build a strong bench of local educators with the knowledge, skills, and resources to provide year-round professional learning and implementation support to other teachers at all levels.

Leaders trained by Great Minds are fully equipped with the knowledge and materials to redeliver Content Leader sessions or professional learning to help other teachers develop strong instructional practices that set students up for success.

For teachers, Content Leader training is a step toward school leadership positions and/or Louisiana’s principal certification by earning a Content Leader microcredential through BloomBoard.




Why Partner with Great Minds?

Benefits of partnering with Great Minds for all three content areas include

  • developing strong and consistent core instruction in ELA, math, and science,

  • maximizing participant learning through regular collaboration with Great Minds experts,

  • meeting Louisiana requirements to build instructional expertise in curricula, and

  • strengthening implementation of all three knowledge-building, Tier 1 curricula to benefit all students.

The Great Minds Difference

  • We provide flexible and customized support tailored to assessment completion and successful implementation of Great Minds curricula. 

  • We are the only approved training providers for Wit & Wisdom and PhD Science

  • We wrote the Eureka Math curriculum that is incorporated into the LDOE training modules. 

  • We have a track record for high-quality professional learning. 

  • Our coherent curricula systematically build student knowledge and use research-based instructional methods to provide equity and access for all learners—because at Great Minds, we believe every child is capable of greatness. 

Components of the Content Leader Program

Full days of Content Leader professional learning with our curricula.

Additional BloomBoard assessment support for teachers

  • Webinars and practice clinics
  • 1:1 coaching and feedback
  • Internal platform for assessment drafts and feedback before BloomBoard submission
  • Observation aligned with BloomBoard assessment video components

   In the training, Content Leaders

  • deepen their understanding of a curriculum through direct training and coaching from experienced Great Minds educators,
  • receive customized 1:1 coaching to improve curriculum implementation and/or support their completion of BloomBoard assessments, and
  • extend their professional learning network to members of the Great Minds team and other Content Leaders from across Louisiana.




The key to any successful implementation of high-quality curriculum is through empowering educators.

To support Louisiana schools and districts implementing Eureka Math®PhD Science®, and Wit & Wisdom® ELA, Great Minds has partnered with the Louisiana Department of Education to provide Content Leader training to meet the professional development needs of every educator.

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