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"Great Minds Alone on Top in Louisiana"

APRIL 26, 2017

The non-profit Great Minds is the only organization to be awarded a Tier-1 rating for both it's English Language Arts and mathematics curricula by the Louisiana Department of Education, a nationally recognized leader in the are of curriculum review. 

"Introducing eureka math"

BY Pasco county schools • APRIL 4, 2017

Florida's Pasco County Schools released a video detailing the upcoming adoption of Eureka Math in its elementary schools (grades K-5) for the 2017-18 school year. The decision to fully adopt the curriculum came after determining their current math curriculum didn't align with Florida's state standards and after a successful pilot of Eureka Math in six of the district's schools. Heather Strom, teacher at Gulf Highlands Elementary noted, "Our scores have been phenomenal, the kids love to see that they're being successful, and I wouldn't have it any other way."

"With Math, Seeing is understanding"

ascd express • BY marianne strayton • april 13, 2017

Eureka Math teacher-writer Marianne Strayton discusses the importance of teaching students to visualize math. According to Strayton, "Helping children visualize math is critical to their success in the subject. Stratton has seen that visual cues stick with students and show that envisioning math helps children learn in lasting ways. In the article, Strayton cites research that finds "working back and forth among visual, relational models, and the more abstract lexicon of math symbols helps students to make sense of concepts." 

"EUREKA! We've got some big ideas!"

Bethel pride • April 9, 2017

In its third year of using Eureka Math for grades K-6, Washington's Bethel School District has become an implementation model for many districts and schools planning to adopt the curriculum. Bethel's successful implementation of Eureka Math led to a partnership between the district and Great Minds, the nonprofit behind Eureka Math, where select teachers would become PD Fellows. As a part of the program, Fellows travel to districts around the country presenting Eureka Math professional development to other Eureka schools. Executive director of elementary education, Kelly Boynton, said, "It's an honor for Bethel, because we believe in Eureka. It's a really, really powerful math program. We've seen incredible results for our kids."


Curriculum matters (Education week) • BY Liana Loewus • March 27, 2017

A new study by RAND discusses why the open education resource, EngageNY (also known as Eureka Math), has become so popular and how teachers are accessing its free curriculum resources. The study found that the math content of EngageNY experienced approximately 9.7 million page views between January 2015 and July 2016, and 66 million downloads since it became available online in 2011.

"Great Minds’ Nell McAnelly Honored with Lifetime Service award by Louisiana Association of Teachers of Mathematics"

November 2016

Nell McAnelly, the original project director for the Eureka Math/EngageNY curriculum, received the Lifetime Service to Mathematics Education Award .

"Helping Students Excel in Math May Require Helping Mom"

SEEN Magazine (pg 36-37) • BY NELL McANELLY • October 2016

The original project director for the Eureka Math/EngageNY curriculum, Nell McAnelly, describes how parents around the country are seeing the benefits in the different ways their children are learning math.

"U-46 Devises Ways to Make Math Less Stressful"

Daily Herald • BY MADHU KRISHNAMURTHY • October 3, 2016

Elgin Area School District U-46 shows improvement in eighth grade performance after implementing Eureka Math. "Instead of giving students a page full of problems to solve, teachers give them contextual situations to better understand the numbers and their applications." Teachers note these hands on and real-world components of the curriculum help students demonstrate proficiency and mastery of skills. The district is rolling out Eureka Math in seventh grade for the 2016-2017 school year.

"Report: School District Improved in Math"

Portales News-Tribune • BY EAMON SCARBOROUGH • September 13, 2016

Portales schools have made significant gains in math since adopting a free curriculum, Eureka Math. The Assistant Superintendent of Instruction and Curriculum David Van Wettering said he's "crediting the improvement with Lindsey-Steiner Elementary’s choice to switch math textbooks from Pearson to Eureka Math.that the new curriculum does a better job of asking questions requiring critical thinking and goes deeper into the text."

"Back from the Brink"

City Journal • BY CHARLES UPTON SAHM • AUGUST 25, 2016

Catholic Partnership Schools in New York showed impressive test score increases and gains in Math after successfully implementing Eureka Math. "In math, Partnership schools gained 13 points, compared with 4.5 points for charters and 1.2 points for district schools."

"Rock Island/Milan School District Adopts New Math Program"


Rock Island/Milan School District will implement Eureka Math in grades K-5 this school year after a successful pilot of the program last school year. "It truly does use real world applications problems to help take the fear out of math for students but to make those real life connections for students," said Kathy Ruggeburg, assistant superintendent of teaching and learning for the district.

"New Math Program for School District"


After a “fast track” pilot program of three different math curricula at Bass Lake Elementary School District, teachers unanimously selected to adopt Eureka Math. Glenn Reid the Superintendent of Bass Lake Unified School District said, "Many of the teachers actually asked their students which program they preferred – and Eureka Math was enthusiastically endorsed by the students."

"Classroom Curriculum for Teaching Students & Teachers"

SEEN Magazine • By Lynne Munson • May 18, 2016

Many teachers are finding that studying standards-based curriculum can be a basis for their own professional development. However, this is only possible when curriculum-makers write materials that offer a deeper understanding of what they are teaching and why, so they can offer the best possible instruction to their students. Lynne Munson, President and Executive Director of Great Minds, describes how Eureka Math was constructed with embedded professional learning and opportunities for collaboration to help support and empower teachers.

"Great Content, Good Questions, and Sufficient Time Spark Curiosity"

ASCD EXPRESS • By Lorraine Griffith • May 12, 2016

Lorraine Griffith, a member of the Wit & Wisdom curriculum writing team and Great Minds board member, talks about how curiosity is too often stamped out by teachers trying to keep up with a curriculum. Fortunately, with most states adopting new college- and career-ready education standards, schools are moving toward better practices where teachers and students take the time to consider important questions and exchange ideas about what they are learning.

"Program is Helping Students"

Albany Times Union • By Adam Baker • May 11, 2016

Adam Baker, a former fifth grade teacher and father, talks about his experience as a curriculum writer for Eureka Math. He was inspired to help create a curriculum to instill a conceptual understanding of math, with different methods of problem solving that made sense to different students. Now more than half of elementary school teachers in the U.S. use EngageNY/Eureka Math materials, according to a new RAND Corporation study.

"This Math Curriculum Created by Teachers Is Raising Standards for Students Across the Country

Education Post • by Saffron VanGalder • April 21, 2016

Eureka Math is raising standards for students across the country. This free math curriculum developed by classroom teachers around the country, rolled out just three years ago, is now the most popular with educators nationwide, far surpassing the traditional textbook industry.

"Survey Reveals New York Math Curriculum Most Used in the Country"

Education World • by Nicole Gorman • April 21, 2016

According to national survey results from the RAND Corporation, Eureka Math, the Common Core-aligned curriculum created by non-profit Great Minds in partnership with the New York State Education Department, is the number one math curriculum in the country.

"Math Education: The Roots of Computer Science"

Edutopia • by Lincoln Sedlacek • April 20, 2016

Eureka Math is recognized as a helpful resource to assist students with building and developing the critical thinking and logical reasoning necessary for computer science careers.

"The Search for Common-Core Curricula: Where Are Teachers Finding Materials?"

Education Week • by Liana Heitin • April 19, 2016

The RAND Corporation just released a series of surveys looking at how K-12 teachers understand and are implementing state standards, including what materials they’re using. Elementary and secondary educators say they’re using EngageNY/Eureka Math more than other available instructional material from commercial publishers.

"Eureka Math, the Top Pick of Teachers Nationwide"

PRNewswire • By Great Minds • April 18, 2016

Eureka Math, only three years old, is now the most widely used math curriculum in the United States, according to a new study released by the RAND Corporation.

"The Power of the Pen — In the Hand of a Math Teacher"

Phi Delta Kappan •  By Saffron VanGalder • March 8, 2016

Hear the story of a math teacher in rural, upstate New York, who was disappointed with the curricula and materials available and kept asking questions until she became part of the Eureka Math team writing curricula for the entire state.

"Textbook Diversity May Be Increasing Under Common Core"

Education Week • by Liana Heitin • February 25, 2016

Morgan Polikoff, an assistant professor at the University of Southern California, and his team of Ph.D. students share their early results of a research study on the textbooks being used in the five most-populated states (CA, FL, IL, NY, and TX). The study determined that the fifth most used Common Core-aligned curriculum in California is EngageNY (Eureka Math).

"Where Are Teachers Getting Their Common-Core Instructional Materials?"

Education Week • by Liana Heitin • February 11, 2016

A study conducted by the Center for Education Policy Research at Harvard University found that teachers are mainly relying on homegrown instructional materials, created either by themselves or their district colleagues, to meet the Common Core State Standards. A third of teachers said EngageNY (Eureka Math) has been “valuable” in aligning their instruction to the Common Core.

"How Did Eureka Math Start? 2 Writers Answer"

The Town Talk • by Leigh Guidry • July 31, 2015

Students from Rapides Parish (LA) almost double the national average increase in math knowledge after just one year using Eureka Math based on the results of Discovery Education benchmark tests. While two of the leaders in writing Eureka Math provide an inside look at the development of the curriculum.

"Common-Core Materials Penetrate Every State"

Education Week • By Liana Heitin • July 7, 2015

There’s some evidence the new benchmarks have crept into classrooms in all states, mainly through instructional materials. Eureka Math curriculum has been downloaded in four of the non-adoption states.

"The Great Common Core Textbook Swindle"

The Daily Beast • By Matt Collette • July 5, 2015

“Of the more than 80 textbooks it reviewed, just 11 met expectations for alignment with the Common Core. Nine of those books were from a single series, Eureka Math by publisher Great Minds.”

"Teachers, District Devote Time to Open-Resource Transition"

Education Week • By Sean Cavanagh • June 10, 2015

Bethel Washington School District replaced it’s commercial K—5 math curriculum, Everyday Mathematics, with open education materials created by Great Minds hosted on the EngageNY site.

"N.Y. ‘Open’ Education Effort Draws Users Nationwide"

Education Week • By Sean Cavanagh • June 9, 2015

This article discusses the effort to develop and disseminate “open educational resources.” The EngageNY resources, many of which have been created by Great Minds, have been downloaded an estimated 20 million times by educators and others in states around the country.

"Most Math Curricula Found to Be Out of Sync With Common Core"

Education Week • By Liana Heitin • March 4, 2015

This article discusses the review of leading math curricula. “In all, just one curriculum series stood out from the pack. Eureka Math, published by Great Minds, a small Washington-based nonprofit organization, was found to be aligned to the Common Core State Standards at all grade levels reviewed.”

"Schools Teach Common-Core Math to Two Generations"

Education Week • By Liana Heitin • December 2, 2014

Read about the different outreach efforts that schools are conducting to try to teach parents about the CCSS and how the CCSS will change math instruction.