Flexible Learning for Continually Building Knowledge and Joy, Great Minds in Sync.


Surround Your Students and Teachers with Knowledge-Building Opportunities

Great Minds in Sync™ is an integral part of our high-quality math, science, and English language arts programs, providing digital resources—like daily video lessons—to support Eureka Math®, PhD Science®, and Wit & Wisdom® classrooms. With the same rigorous curriculum materials, Great Minds in Sync provides comprehensive digital resources such as video lessons and intuitive tools. Now learning doesn’t have to be interrupted for absences—the student’s or the teacher’s. Students can also enjoy supplemental lessons or independent study at home or at school. Families can become more engaged in their children’s education. With Great Minds in Sync, knowledge is unstoppable.

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Daily Video Lessons from Great Minds Teachers

Teachers have more time to focus on student discourse.


Learn Anywhere Plans for School and Home

Guided teacher support for pacing and modifying lessons in case of remote learning.


Online Fillable PDFs for Student Assignments

Students can use the annotation tools and submit their work with one click.


Unstoppable Knowledge Building without Skipping a Beat

Great Minds in Sync™ makes high-quality curricula accessible anywhere learning takes place. 

The Great Minds in Sync Advantage for Today’s Classrooms

Why should learning stop when everyday life throws a curveball? Great Minds in Sync is designed to empower everyone to keep building and sharing knowledge, no matter the circumstances:

  • Support for substitutes when teachers are absent
  • At-home instructions for students who miss school
  • Fully remote instruction
  • Accelerate learning when paired with Eureka Math Equip
  • Differentiated support for combined classrooms
  • Independent study resources
  • Flipped classroom resources
  • Unfinished learning support at home
  • Tools for family and caregiver engagement
  • Professional development on demand
Great Minds in Sync 2021 Edvocate Award winner

Support from Your Trusted Colleague

Great Minds in Sync takes all the high-quality knowledge-building materials you love and adapts them for this new world of learning. The instructional tools and materials are informed by social and emotional learning practices that take distance into account, and all videos feature teachers who are experts in math, science, and English language arts. So no matter how the schedule or environment changes, Great Minds in Sync helps make knowledge unstoppable.

What are educators saying about the impact of our high‑quality curricula?

1_Great Minds_Logos_EM-1

“The ability to use it both in-seat and remotely is what makes it extraordinary.”

 Jen V., Teacher, California



1_Great Minds_Logos_PhD-1

“This curriculum helps put the joy back in teaching science because you allow students to do science.”

Tiffany S., Teacher, Louisiana



Wit & Wisdom Logo

Wit & Wisdom in Sync has been a life-saver.”

Matt H., Assistant Principal, Colorado



Meet the Great Minds in Sync teachers

Our team of teacher-writers from across the nation quickly adapted to the new world of learning. They've created high-quality Great Minds in Sync video lessons, designed to support teachers and to allow those teachers to prioritize student development and knowledge building.


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