Kick Off Your Eureka Math Pilot 

Steps to ensure your Eureka Math pilot is a success 

A successful pilot begins with a plan. To ensure your school or district is prepared to pilot the Eureka Math curriculum, we've outlined some key tasks to do before, during, and after. View the checklist overview below. 

Things to do before and during your pilot:

  • Define Success
    • What key factors or metrics will determine if this pilot was a success for your school/district? 
  • Ensure Your School or District Leadership is Prepared 
    • Establish structures and protocols
    • Schedule resource reviews and Professional Development (PD)
    • Involve and inform families
  • Prepare Teachers for Professional Development
    • Before PD, teachers should
    • After PD, teachers should
      • read the Module 1 Overview (regardless of Module(s) being piloted) 
      • watch the videos "A Story of Units Overview," "A Story of Ratios Overview," and "An Introduction to Sprints" (located in the Video Gallery in your dashboard)
      • collaborate with grade level teams and other educators piloting the curriculum

Things to do after your pilot: 

  • Complete your district's rubric
  • Review Definition of Success with a Great Minds account solutions manager
  • Prepare for next steps/full-implementation
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Download the Free Pilot Checklist