The Alexandria Plan Structure

Alexandria Plan organizes U.S. and world history in to 36 eras (18 each for U.S. and world), providing a collection of resources for each era. The Plan currently provides instructional materials customized for K-5. 

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Era Summaries

Each of the 36 eras contains a summary of the history of that time period—highlighting the people, events, places, and ideas. The summaries also make it convenient for teachers to review the history of the era in preparation for lesson-planning and deeper research.

Suggested Anchor Texts

For each era, we provide a list of up to 10 anchor texts so that educators can select what is best suited to their classroom. These carefully curated selections include exceptional works of narrative nonfiction, informational texts, and historical fiction on an array of topics. 

Text Studies

The “text study” portion of the Plan offers guidance on how to lead students through a close reading of a featured anchor text. The text studies contain: sets of text-dependent questions (TDQs), sample student responses, and performance assessments. Consistent with the CCSS, TDQs and the performance assessments require students cite specific evidence from the text. 

Performance Assessments

Each text study culminates in performance assessments that allow students to demonstrate their understanding of the key ideas, historical events, and figures discussed in the featured anchor text. 

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Explore two eras of the Alexandra Plan:

  • U.S. History Era 5 - Independence: America Gains Its Freedom 
  • World History Era 15 - Depression after Versailles: The Rise of Totalitarian Powers 

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