The Alexandria Plan

The Alexandria Plan is a sequenced framework that enables your teachers to reprioritize U.S. and world history. The Plan includes detailed illustrations, era summaries, learning expectations, text studies, assessments, and more that provide a firm foundation for standards-based instruction.

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The Plan

Each grade span (lower elementary and upper elementary) includes 36 text studies that draw students into engaging historical texts about different eras in U.S. or world history. It includes:

  • Era Summaries
  • Suggested Anchor Texts
  • Text Studies
  • Assessments

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An annual subscription to the online version of the Alexandria Plan gives educators access to a PDF set of the curriculum materials. Online subscriptions to the Alexandria Plan are structured by grade band.

  • Alexandria Plan Lower Elementary (grades K—2)
  • Alexandria Plan Upper Elementary (grades 3—5)

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In Print

The Alexandria Plan can also be purchased in print. Four books are available for purchase: 

  • U.S. history for grades K—2
  • World history for grades K—2
  • U.S. history for grades 3—5
  • World history for grades 3—5 

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