A New Approach to
Early Literacy

Learning to Read While Reading to Learn


Building Lifelong Readers

In the wake of COVID-19 school closures, levels of unfinished learning among students have grown exponentially, particularly in the area of literacy.

How can educators ensure emerging readers are provided the high-quality materials they need to become proficient readers?

Introducing Geodes®, a new approach to early literacy from Great Minds® that provides beginning readers the opportunity to learn how to read while reading to learn. 

Geodes® are rich with facts and ideas that spark students’ curiosity about the world around them. 

Participants learned:

  • how Geodes couple specific decoding skills with content and vocabulary to complement any foundational phonics program,

  • the support offered for educators, students, and students' families, including multilingual learners,

  • how Geodes expose your students to culturally responsive topics, and

  • how to utilize federal grants/funding to provide Geodes in your school or district.


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