What books will my child(ren) be reading in a Wit & Wisdom English classroom?

When selecting texts for Wit & Wisdom, we looked for texts that teach students knowledge about themselves and the world in a way that is engaging and interesting. Some texts are old favorites (Hatchet by Gary Paulson), while others are new selections (The Crossover by Kwame Alexander). Students encounter fiction and nonfiction texts that help them build knowledge about the world and cultivate a love of reading.

Some selected texts feature characters or settings that will be familiar to students, serving as a mirror to their own lives. Other texts illuminate people, places, or experiences from long ago or far away that expose students to elements of our world that might be unfamiliar. As a result, students both recognize themselves in our selections and also gain exposure to diverse perspectives and experiences.

Nonfiction texts explore elements of science or history that contribute to students’ knowledge of our world. Grade 2 includes Why Do Leaves Change Color? by Betsy Maestro, which can boost students’ exploration of weather and seasons that they might do during science. Eighth graders read The Great Fire by Jim Murphy and use their understanding of Chicago’s epic fire to understand how the economic, political, and social realities of American cities have impacted historical events. Reading done as part of Wit & Wisdom will often connect to students’ readings in other classes thereby deepening students’ knowledge and understanding of the world.