Is there any data to prove that Eureka Math works?

School districts across the country are enjoying success with Eureka Math. Two stories from Louisiana and Florida, below, show how Eureka Math implementers are seeing test scores go up and students thrive. You can find more data about Eureka Math here.

Lafayette Parish School System, Louisiana’s fifth-largest school district, was among the earliest and strongest implementers of Eureka Math. From 2014 through 2017, the district saw steady increases in the percentage of students scoring Mastery or Above on the LEAP and iLEAP state standardized math tests in Grades 3–8. Read more about their success here. Lafayette Parish is known nationwide for its strong implementation and its generosity in sharing its experiences and resources with other districts. 

More-recent Eureka Math implementers are also seeing success. For example, Pasco County, Florida, piloted Eureka Math across the district in Grades K–5 this year. A senior instructional specialist there said, “Students in these schools, who tend to be the highest-needs students in the district, were keeping up with or outperforming students in our top-tier schools.” Read more here

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