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Teach with Eureka Math TEKS Edition

In 2020, the Texas Education Agency partnered with Great Minds® to develop high-quality materials for Grades K-5 as an open educational resource.

Eureka Math® TEKS Edition and Eureka Math in Sync™ TEKS Edition are fully aligned with TEKS standards and are free to Texas educators as a part of this initiative. Schools across the country have seen remarkable gains in student achievement and engagement with Eureka Math TEKS Edition. Now Texas students have access to the high-quality math curriculum customized for Texas.


“Eureka Math TEKS Edition allows me to better understand which TEKS are foundational and which TEKS are focus standards. Some TEKS are covered over a span of topics, as there may be quite a bit of learning required to achieve mastery of a standard. It is important to see how TEKS progress across various topics in order to reinforce prior learning. Eureka Math TEKS made that clear to me.”

— Administrator, Lufkin ISD




A special focus on topics centered on foundations students need for developing an understanding of the why and how behind the numbers.


Students develop solid conceptual understanding, practice procedural skills and fluency exercises, and apply what they learn in real-world scenarios. All topics are linked across modules and grade levels to help students build an enduring understanding of math, allowing through unparalleled rigor.


Students build an enduring understanding of mathematics topics through linked modules at every grade level.


Eureka Math TEKS in Sync

Access to learning anywhere, anytime is an important function of continuous learning. Insync offers all the necessary components of a high-quality curriculum with additional tools to help teachers with lesson planning and preparation plus direct instruction resources to help families with learning at home.


Pre-Module Diagnostic

Students start each lesson with the proper background knowledge to tackle new concepts and skills. This premodule diagnostic tool identifies students’ last point of success and provides targeted resources and activities to help students stay on track with grade-level content. Teachers tracking progress at the onset of the lesson provides opportunities for closing the achievement gap before it widens.

Formative Assessment

Teachers can provide data-driven instruction and just-in-time remediation with the help of Eureka Math Affirm, which offers an array of formative assessments to help educators gauge and meet students’ needs. By teachers tracking progress over time provides opportunities for student practice and prepare for STAAR testing as well as other standardized assessments.

Financial Literacy

Eureka Math TEKS Edition is the only math program that meets 100 percent of the TEKS standards. Developed in collaboration with the Texas Education Agency, it is approved to meet the needs of Texas classrooms, with specific content designed by our Great Minds teacher-writers interwoven throughout. Full coverage of topics like personal finance starts in Kindergarten at the onset of learning and then builds knowledge as students progress into later grades.


Learn with Eureka Math TEKS Edition

As an open educational resource, Eureka Math TEKS Edition, a holistic K–5 curriculum that allows students discover the joy in math, is free for Texas educators. At Great Minds®, we know that when teachers provide high-quality curriculum and opportunities to build enduring knowledge, all students are capable of greatness. That’s why we weave knowledge building into all the materials students engage with throughout the school day.




Coherent Models

Students need multiple strategies for solving problems and predictable patterns to master new concepts and skills. This image demonstrates Eureka Math’s coherent use of number bonds, one of the four models used throughout Grade K–5 to support students in learning mathematical concepts and problem solving.


Student Materials

Student learning takes place across a set of three student workbooks. The Learn and Practice books provide the core materials students need for in-class work, and the Succeed book offers additional problems and Homework Helper sheets for practice at home. All print materials are available as interactive texts through Eureka Math in Sync, which provides additional materials that promote continuous learning.


Eureka Math K—5
Learn, Practice, Succeed


Kinesthetic learning happens with classroom materials and tools our writers created to help students develop understanding, minimize distractions, and maximize coherence between grades.

Family Tip Sheets

The curriculum includes a series of free Family Tip Sheets for every topic that offer suggested strategies and models, key vocabulary, and tips to help families support learning at home. Available in English and Spanish for Grades K–5.

Homework Helpers

To support continuous learning, these resources provide step-by-step explanations of how to work problems like those found in students homework assignments.

Daily Videos

Intentional segments of Eureka Math TEKS Edition lessons taught by experienced math teachers, intended to support teacher instruction rather than replace it.


English: Grade 4, Multiplication to Compare Places Value Units


Español: Grado 4, Multiplicación para comparar unidades de valor de lugares



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“As a native Texan, I’m proud to see the state’s commitment to high-quality instructional materials, especially at this unique time in the history of education. The TEKS outline high standards for Texas students. Eureka Math TEKS Edition will make those standards accessible to all while bringing joy and wonder to students.”
—Jill Diniz, Chief Academic Officer, Math

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