Curiosity, Inquiry, Knowledge

Wit & Wisdom®
is a comprehensive K–8 English language arts curriculum crafted to help students build the knowledge and skills they need to be successful readers, exceptional writers, and effective communicators.

Wit & Wisdom® was crafted by teachers for teachers. With every lesson founded on exceptional texts, all learners are empowered to tackle the rigor of grade-level content with confidence and joy. Core texts are wide-ranging, varied, and provide a careful balance of literary, informational, and fine arts texts.



We believe that classrooms should be places where students and teachers encounter wit, wisdom, wonder, rigor, and knowledge.


Building ELA Skills While Fostering Knowledge Building

Knowledge has a multiplier effect—the earlier you begin to build knowledge, the better you do academically in later years. English language arts lessons can integrate knowledge from science, history, geography, and other topics while students develop their reading and writing skills and expand their vocabulary. Wit & Wisdom’s approach to ELA allows students to build both skills and knowledge with every lesson.

Wit & Wisdom® ELA is recognized by the Knowledge Matters Campaign as one of only six knowledge-building curricula crafted to ensure that students build critical ELA skills while also building knowledge of the world.

Supported by the Science of Reading

Through a rigorous learning design based on Scarborough’s Rope, students gain content knowledge and an awareness of how to read texts, write, speak, and listen.

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A focus on depth,
not breadth

Students dig deep into each module’s topic, exploring literacy, informational, and fine arts genres to create layers of knowledge that they will build on across lessons.

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Students read information-rich books, not basals

Wit & Wisdom students engage with complex, grade-level books, from the classics to newer works of literature. These texts are used at every turn to help students master essential ELA skills.

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Wit & Wisdom’s knowledge building approach moves students beyond just finding the main idea and lays the groundwork to empower the next generation of great writers, thinkers, and leaders.

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Fostering a Questioning Spirit through Fine Art

Wit & Wisdom weaves visual art into every module. As a universal and essential form of communication, art can be accessible to even the youngest learners. Fine art leads to close examination and thoughtful questioning of how artists express important thoughts and ideas. 

Everything Needed to Teach and Learn ELA

Wit & Wisdom includes print and digital materials designed to engage students and provide teachers with high-quality materials to lead every ELA lesson with confidence.


For Teachers

A Teacher Edition for each of the 4 module topics covered in a school year includes all lessons and support items.

Formative and summative assessments are embedded in every module.

A range of multilingual learner supports including Multilingual Learner Resources for grades K–5 and Wit & Wisdom Prologue for grades 6–8.

Wit & Wisdom Affirm tracks student progress over time through digital assessments.

Wit & Wisdom in Sync offers video lessons and assignments for continuous learning so students can build knowledge if they—or the teacher—have to take time away from the classroom.

The Great Minds Humanities Video Library for an overview of the curriculum, learning design, as well as additional professional learning opportunities.


For Students

The Student Edition includes graphic organizers and handouts to support student engagement.

Complex texts develop student knowledge and skills with each module.

Volume of Reading texts supplement a classroom library and provide students with additional reading related to each module’s topic.

Family Tip Sheets and our family resources provide caregivers with guidance on how to best support their students at home.


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Wit WIsdom + Geodes-Logos

Wit & Wisdom is designed to pair with explicit and systematic foundational skills programs like Fundations® from Wilson Language Training. Geodes®, our accessible and information-rich books for emerging and developing readers, allow students to apply their growing decoding skills while building knowledge on topics that align with Wit & Wisdom modules.




Explicit Phonics Instruction and Decoding Practice

Give your students the best start to reading and writing with instructional materials that are rooted in a strong, research-based approach. Explore how Wit & Wisdom, Geodes, and a strong foundational skills program work in partnership to achieve early literacy success in student


Supporting Teachers Before and During Implementation

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Guidance and Coaching Built into Every Lesson

Our teacher–writers crafted Wit & Wisdom to provide students with a knowledge-building learning experience while giving teachers support in every module to facilitate the learning.

  • A Launch, Learn, Land lesson structure

  • Getting Started videos for grade-level implementation support

  • Preparation Protocols

  • Scaffold, extension, and differentiation notes

  • Point-of-use Teacher Notes

  • The Teacher Resource Pack

  • Teacher Edition appendices resources
  • Scope and sequence
  • Question set guidance
  • And more!

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Professional Learning from a Trusted Colleague

Our ELA team members have crafted a series of professional development sessions and personalized coaching bundles to support both teachers new to Wit & Wisdom and experienced implementers.

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