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Meet Wit & Wisdom in Sync—high-quality digital curriculum created by our teacher-writers to provide flexible ELA learning for Grades K–8.

No matter what circumstances life throws at us, students will always thirst for knowledge. We want to enable them to build it anytime, anywhere.

That’s why our team of teacher–writers designed Wit & Wisdom in Sync—a model for continuous learning and excellence that delivers everything you love about Wit & Wisdom. Wit & Wisdom in Sync tools allow everyone to keep moving forward —even when students or teachers miss class.


“Great Minds works with Wit & Wisdom teachers to ensure that all students build knowledge, continuously, on rich topics. As learning conditions vary and shift, one thing remains the same: students who connect to engage with big ideas, complex texts, and compelling tasks will continue to grow as confident, joyful readers, writers, and thinkers.”

—Rachel Stack, Chief Academic Officer, Humanities


    All students, at all times, need access to high quality instruction on new content, to teacher-facilitated discourse, and to daily feedback. Wit & Wisdom in Sync offers over 1000 daily video lessons, at-home access to digital classwork, a curated core text list, English learner support, and professional development and coaching for your teachers. 






    Wit & Wisdom in Sync enables teachers to inspire students, no matter where they are or how they learn best. 



    Learn Anywhere Plan
    A plan that gives an overview of module and daily plans for how the Great Minds teacher and classroom teacher share a full year of instruction between home and school.

    Digital Teacher Edition
    The complete Teacher Edition in digital form provides access to the full Wit & Wisdom curriculum so teachers understand the daily video instruction and can plan and deliver their own instruction.

    Wit & Wisdom in Sync User Guide
    A guide to help teachers understand the what, why, and how of Wit & Wisdom in Sync.

    Getting Started with Wit & Wisdom in Sync
    Guided video overview of Wit & Wisdom in Sync.

    Navigating Wit & Wisdom in Sync
    Video walkthrough showing how to navigate the platform and resources.

    Learn Anywhere with Wit & Wisdom in Sync
    Our virtual coaching session guides school and district leaders to support teachers in using Wit & Wisdom in Sync through in-person, distance, or hybrid instruction.

    Digital Assessments
    Offered through our Affirm portal, this resource provides assignable assessments and reporting at the item, student, and class level.

    Wit & Wisdom Projected Slides
    Slides that contain lesson-specific content for use during online or in-person instruction.

    Digital Implementation Guide
    A comprehensive guide explaining what Wit & Wisdom is, why it works, and how to implement the curriculum.

    Daily Videos
    Videos offered in English and Spanish, featuring Great Minds teachers delivering key lesson content.

    Digital Student Edition
    Fillable PDFs of student handouts and fluency activities.

    Vocabulary Videos
    Available in English and Spanish, these videos allow students to preview and practice essential vocabulary.

    Print Core Texts (sold separately)
    Texts included in Wit & Wisdom in Sync for every student to take home.

    Family Tip Sheets
    Overview for families of what students will learn in the module, module questions and texts, and ideas for what families can do together to explore the module’s content at home. Available in English and Spanish.


    View Sample Lesson and Supporting Materials

    View Sample Lesson and Supporting Materials


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