Great Minds® believes that classrooms are places where students and teachers encounter wit, wisdom, wonder, rigor, and knowledge, and that literature, history, art, and science all have a place in English language arts (ELA) instruction.

That’s why Wit & Wisdom®, a comprehensive K–8 curriculum, approaches ELA holistically. Wit & Wisdom provides a framework for inquiry that helps students build rich layers of knowledge—wherever learning takes place. It inspires teachers and students to experience texts and ideas on a deeper level. It fosters the questioning spirit that will shape the next generation of great writers, thinkers, and leaders.


Curious About Wit & Wisdom?

Whether you're just getting started with Wit & Wisdom  or want to learn more, our free Resource Overview Session webinars are a great way to explore the curriculum.



Our team of teacher–writers is committed to supporting you throughout your implementation of Wit & Wisdom. Much like the curriculum itself, our professional development sessions focus on coherence while equipping educators with practical tools to unlock students’ potential. 



Our free Wit & Wisdom Teacher Resource Pack includes a carefully curated selection of instructional materials, from the Implementation Guide to sample lessons.


Community of Students
Sharing Wit & Wisdom

Helping students get ready to learn takes a community of people—from parents to school leaders and everyone in between. We’ve compiled guides to help you launch an informed conversation around the various components of Wit & Wisdom, including core text selection and how we define knowledge building. Use these resources to explore strategies on how you can share the importance of teaching with high quality-instructional materials that build lifelong learners.

Planning For District Leaders

Successful implementation of Wit & Wisdom is founded on strong and supportive leadership. Having a thorough plan for the many facets of implementation begins with understanding how Wit & Wisdom meets your state expectations and how objective experts rate the curriculum. If you are interested in learning more about our Implementation Success team and how they can partner with you to lead high-quality implementation, please see our Professional Development page.

Include Families In The Conversation

Having families on board to support implementation is crucial to the success of students. Access resources to give families an overview of the core tenets of Wit & Wisdom, gain an in-depth understanding of the curriculum, and preview module content to foster open dialogue and work collaboratively to help students flourish.

Connect To Wit & Wisdom Online Communities

One of the key components of successful Wit & Wisdom implementation is collaboration. Come join our online communities on social media to connect with other educators, exchange resources, discuss best practices, and interact with our curriculum writers.

The Curriculum

Wit & Wisdom is composed of four 30-lesson modules per grade. Designed to be covered in six to eight weeks, each module artfully explores a specific topic for students to dive into as they also develop reading, writing, listening, speaking, and language skills.

Books Not Basals

With Wit & Wisdom, every text a student touches is authentic and of the highest quality—no basals here. Students use these texts at every turn to learn—and eventually to master—essential reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills as well as grammar and vocabulary.

Art of Wit & Wisdom

Much like great literature, visual art is rich with opportunities for students to build content knowledge. Art analysis also is an entry point to literacy. This teacher resource describes how students develop knowledge and literacy by analyzing visual art and includes art lessons and an art glossary. 


Become a Wit & Wisdom Fellow

Wit & Wisdom  Fellows are educators who currently use Wit & Wisdom  as the primary curriculum in their school or district. Fellows provide professional development to other educators around the country after comprehensive training with our expert team of teacher–writers and facilitators. Learn more about becoming a 2021–2022 fellow at the link below.

Aligned to Your State Standards

Wit & Wisdom provides free grade-level analyses of how the curriculum aligns with standards for all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Get in touch to learn more. 

On-Demand Webinars

Explore our collection of webinars on the innovative approach of Wit & Wisdom.

Wit & Wisdom Curriculum Review Materials

Did you know that in 2002 a young boy in Malawi named William Kamkwamba saved his village from famine by learning how to harness wind energy? This is just one example of the rich content Wit & Wisdom® students explore as they learn about Powerful Forces in Grade 1 Module 3.
Through picture books, poetry, videos, audio recordings, articles, and artwork, students develop reading and writing skills and expand their vocabulary—all while building enduring knowledge about wind as a form of energy and how it has affected the world around them.

Bring More Meaningful English to Your School

Curious how Wit & Wisdom and Geodes can benefit your school or district? Talk to a member of the Great Minds team.