Ask Us Anything about the Curriculum

A Q&A with the Chief Academic Officers and Teams

Ever wished you could ask a curriculum writer why the instructional materials are designed a certain way? Or why topics progress in a particular sequence? Or how the writers envisioned lessons being implemented in the classroom?

Great Minds® has launched a three-part webinar series giving educators the opportunity to ask us anything about our curricula.



In this webinar series the Great Minds chief academic officers for humanities, mathematics, and science answers questions from the attendees. They are joined by curriculum writers and Professional Development and Implementation Support team members.

Participants of each webinar will 

  • hear answers to common questions from the chief academic officer,
  • ask questions of the chief academic officer, curriculum writers, and Professional Development and Implementation Support team, and
  • learn more about the how and why behind our curricula.

Those who were unable to attend the live webinar can still view the event below.



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