Getting Started with Affirm: The Eureka Math® Digital Assessment and Practice Platform

The Eureka Math team has curated a range of professional development resources below to help support your implementation of Affirm, the Eureka Math digital assessment and practice tool, including (click an item below to jump to that section of the training hub, or click here to check out FAQs).

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Webinar Library

Our library of on-demand and live webinars provide tips and guidance for implementing Affirm in alignment with the Eureka Math curriculum.

NEW: Affirm 101

 Getting Started with Affirm



Reporting 101


Affirm for Administrators

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THE Edulastic Training Hub

Great Minds partnered with Edulastic to bring you Affirm. The Edulastic training hub provides a range of resources on navigating their platform. Here are some of our top picks for getting started with Affirm: 

  • The Quick Start Guide: This 15 minute video playlist will help anyone get up and running with Edulastic. A collection of 2-minute videos cover subjects such as: How to create an account, How to set up your class, and how to create an assessment.
  • How to Create Edulastic’s Tech-Enhanced Questions: This video collection features some of Edulastic’s favorite technology-enhanced question types. These videos will help you supplement your Eureka Math question bank with your own items.
  • MANAGING CLASSES: This collection of articles from Edulastic's Knowledge Base covers everything you need to know about managing your class, from creating your class, resetting student passwords, to working with Google Classroom.
  • RESOLVING ISSUES: This collection of articles from Edulastic's Knowledge Base outlines common issues users may experience on the Edulastic platform, along with directions for resolving these issues.

Edulastic Training Hub


On-boarding Resources

The following downloadable resources are designed to help support educators as they get started with using Affirm in their classroom

Teacher Resource Guide

The Teacher Resource Guide provides comprehensive, step by step directions for teachers and administrators accessing Affirm for the first time.


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Teacher Resource Guide

Teacher Training Kit

The Teacher Training kit includes resources for hosting an Affirm on-boarding workshop session with the teachers in your school or district. These materials are intended to help administrators get teachers set up and ready to use Affirm in their classrooms.

Teacher Training

Teacher Training Kit PDF

Teacher Training Kit PowerPoint

Template for Showing Work

The editable Solutions Template is provided for students to show their solutions to questions that include the prompt ‘Use paper to show your work’.   Note that teachers may ask students to show work on any question within Affirm, not just those that include the prompt.

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Affirm Solutions Template


Practice Assessments

Using Affirm with your students for the first time? Start by using of one of the 3 practice assessments in Affirm to get students familiar with the platform and question types, without the added pressure of taking a math assessment. 

Grades 1-2 Practice Assessment

Practice Assessment Grades 1-2


Grades 3-5 Practice Assessment

Practice Assessment Grades 3-5





Affirm contains over 4,000 questions spanning Grades 1 to Algebra 1. Questions are grouped by topic level banks and mid and end of module assessments. Teachers are encouraged to assign Mid and end of module assessments without modification, and to select a set of questions from the Topic level banks that students can complete in a 10-15-minute timeframe. Teachers also have access to the public bank in Edulastic, which contains assessments written by other teachers in various subjects.

No, Affirm contain new assessment and practice content. These questions are only available in Affirm, and cannot be found in the print product.

Eureka Math Affirm includes teacher accounts, school administrator accounts and district administrator accounts. Teacher accounts allow the user to create, assign, and analyze assessments at a class level. School Administrator accounts allow the user to manage users within the school, as well as create, assign and analyze assessments at a school level. District administrators accounts allow the user to manage district settings, manage users within the district, as well as create, assign and analyze assessments at a district level.

Affirm is our Eureka Math digital assessment product, which is being powered by Edulastic for the 2018-2019 school year. With your license to Affirm, you will get access to the Eureka Math digital assessments, and Edulastic’s enterprise edition, which includes premium features such as in-depth reporting and advanced assessment options.

If you are experiencing technical issues, or have questions about the Edulastic platform, we encourage you to reach out directly to Edulastic for a quick response. Take advantage of the in-app helpdesk, or send an email to For content specific questions or errors, please reach out to the Great Minds customer success team by filling out a contact form here.

After activation confirmation has been recieved, district administrators are responsible for setting up school administrator accounts and providing directions to school administrators and teachers. View detailed directions here.