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Developed by Great Minds® in collaboration with Wilson Language Training®Geodes® are rooted in the belief that children can learn to read while reading to learn.   

1 to 1 Geodes is designed exclusively for tutors to support your students in practicing key reading skills while building knowledge about the world around them. This collection of texts unite phonics with compelling content and beautiful art, inspiring students to wonder, decode, and build confidence.


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“I have a student who has struggled emotionally with reading, put in the work, and kept hitting a wall. You could see the anguish on his face each time I placed a book on the table. When I introduced him to Geodes, I suddenly began to notice a change. 

One day, we were diving into The Library of Fez to compare it to Library Cat. After our review and word work, I noticed that my student simply picked up the book and started reading. It was so natural. He was practicing the skills we had just reviewed and casually reading a sentence out loud without the emotional load he had previously carried.  

Toward the end of each session, I always have an exit ticket question, prompting my students to reflect on their learning. I said to my student, ‘Wow, you just dove right into that book and started reading. How did that make you feel?’ 

He quietly said just one word: ‘Happiness.’ When he left the room, I burst into tears. 

This has been such a challenging year for everyone in so many ways, yet it is also the year that someone discovered that reading is happiness.”

Rachel Arnold | Literacy Interventionist
Clayton Elementary School
Englewood, Colorado 

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What's Inside the Box?

With Geodes’ compelling content featuring diverse stories and stunning illustrations, you can create high quality learning experiences your students deserve.


Geodes Book Features



About  •  Maps  •  Captions  •  Labels  •  Diagrams  •  Headings  •  Graphs  •  Timelines  •  Call‑Out Boxes

Geodes offer a wide variety of text features intended to be read by an adult. These components provide knowledge-building details omitted from the text because of space limitations or decodability challenges.

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Every book includes a teaser on the back cover offering a preview of the book highlighting an excerpt from the text and featuring a question to develop student curiosity.

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The More section is a short information selection that extends and enhances the information in Geodes. It is designed to be read aloud by a caregiver, tutor or teacher and provides opportunities for further exploration and conversation.


Look Inside a Geode



MODULE 1: The Five Senses
TEXT SET 1: Explore South America

00.11.P1.B2_Fabric of the Andes_CVR_preview



MODULE 1: A World of Books
TEXT SET 1: Sharing Stories

Anansi and the Pot of Beans_Look-Inside



MODULE 1: Civil Rights Heroes
TEXT SET 1: Right to Learn

And the Winner Is


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Geodes are accessible, knowledge-building books for emerging and developing readers, aligned with the developmental stages of the Wilson Fundations® foundational reading program. Each book in the collection is designed to cultivate a deep reading experience, enabling students to apply decoding skills while building knowledge in history, science, and the arts.


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